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View Resource Video: 500 Trials

A video to teach about the central limit theorem and various issues in one-sample hypothesis testing. The lyrics and video were created by Scott Crawford from the University of Wyoming. The music is from the 1988 song "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" by the Scottish band The Proclaimers. The video took second place in the video category of the 2013 CAUSE A-Mu-sing competition. Free for non-profit...
View Resource Poem: There's always Ch-Square

A poem for use in teaching that causation is not correlation and the Pearson Chi-Square test. The poem was written by Dr. Nyaradzo Mvududu of the Seattle Pacific University School of Education. The poem won a prize in the 2013 CAUSE A-Mu-sing competition.
View Resource Cartoon: Exam Thoughts

A cartoon to teach about the average and about positive versus negative skew. The cartoon was created by Diane L. Evans from Rose-Human Institute of Technology and won an honorable mention in the CAUSE 2013 A-Mu-sing contest.
View Resource Cartoon: Breaking News

A cartoon for teaching about using the t-distribution for inference when the standard deviation is unknown. The cartoon was created by Karen Banks from University of Indiana using the software at The cartoon also won a prize in the CAUSE 2013 A-Mu-sing contest.
View Resource Song: Empty Time with Normal Tables

A song that might be used in pre-service courses for statistics teachers (or professional development workshops) to point out why using technology is preferred to training students to use Normal Probability Tables. The lyrics were composed by Robert Carver of Stonehill College. May be sung to the tune of the "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" written by Schoenberg and Kretmer for the play Les...
View Resource Song: Partial to You

"Partial to You (A multiple Regression Love Song)" is an original song about partial correlation in multiple regression by University of Texas at El Paso Professor Lawrence Mark Lesser. The song won third place in the song category in the 2013 CAUSE A-Mu-sing contest. Dr. Lesser sings the song in the accompanying MP3 audio file.
View Resource Song: Rho, Rho, Rho

A song to teach the idea the difference between the population and sample correlation. The lyrics are by Lawrence M Lesser, University of Texas at El Paso in collaboration with Dennis K Pearl, The Ohio State University. The song may be sung to the tune of the children's folk song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and like that song may be sung in rounds. Dr. Lesser sings the song in an accompanying...
View Resource Song: We Are the Statletes

A song that reviews several statistical topics written by University of Texas at El Paso professor Lawrence M. Lesser. The song is a parody of "We Are the Champions" written by Freddy Mercury that was popularized by the British rock group Queen in their 1977 Album "ewe of the World."
View Resource Quote: Mandelbrot on Probability

"The theory of probability is the only mathematical tool available to help map the unknown and the uncontrollable. It is fortunate that this tool, while tricky, is extraordinarily powerful and convenient." is a quote by Polish-French-American mathematician and developer of fractal geometry Benoit B. Mandelbrot (1924 - 2010). The quote appears in his 1982 book "The Fractal Geometry of Nature"...
View Resource Quote: Mintzberg on Theory

"No generalizing beyond the data, no theory. And no theory, no insight. And if no insight, why do research?" is a quote by Canadian Professor of Management Studies Henry Mintzberg (1939 - ), McGill University. The quote appears in his 2005 paper "Developing Theory about the Development of Theory" that appeared in the edited volume "Great Minds in Management: The process of theory development"...

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