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Probability -- Elementary Probability

Statistical Topic Classifications
Counting Methods for Probability (10)
General Rules (27)
Random Variables (12)
Sample Space and Sets (8)

View Resource **Can You Beat Randomness: The Lottery Game

This is the description and instructions for the Can You Beat Randomness?- The Lottery Game applet. It is a simulation of flipping coins. Students are asked to make conjectures about randomness and how certain strategies affect randomness. It strives to show the "growth of order out of randomness."
View Resource An Illustration of Bootstrapping Using Video Lottery Terminal Data

The dataset described in this article contains information on 345 plays on an electronic slot machine and the prize for each. This data can be used to illustrate parametric bootstrapping and tests of independence for two and three-way contingency tables involving random zeroes. Key Words: Simulation; Elementary probabilities.
View Resource An Introduction to Probability

This tutorial introduces the basic concepts of probability using various examples. Topics include interpreting probability, calibration experiments, interpreting odds, sample space, basic rules, equally likely outcomes, constructing probability tables, unions and complements, mean, and two-way probability tables. A link to activities is also given.
View Resource Breaking A Monoalphabetic Encryption System Using a Known Plaintext Attack

This applet illustrates the codebreaking process using a chi-squared process.
View Resource Breaking The Rectangular Transposition Encryption System

This applet illustrates the codebreaking process entitled Rectangular Transposition Encryption System.
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