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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Nonlinear Models

View Resource Fitting an Observed Frequency Distribution to the Closest Poisson Distribution

This page calculates the Poisson distribution that most closely fits an observed frequency distribution, as determined by the method of least squares. Users enter observed frequencies, and the page returns the fitted Poisson frequencies, the mean and variance of the observed distribution and the fitted Poisson distribution, and R-squared.
View Resource Guide to Nonlinear Regression

This tutorial introduces nonlinear regression and provides a review of linear regression. Topics covered include Introduction to Regression, Nonlinear Regression, Interpreting the Results of Nonlinear Regression, Comparing Two Curves, and Distributions of Best-Fit Values. These materials are intended for those who study the natural and physical sciences.
View Resource Using EDA, ANOVA and Regression to Optimise some Microbiology Data

This article describes a dataset containing information on bacterium culturing. Students can use graphical methods, one-way and two-way ANOVA, and multiple polynomial regression to estimate the optimal conditions for bacteria growth. Key Words: Analysis of variance; Exploratory data analysis; Interactions; Optimisation; Outlier.
View Resource Webinar: Taking your Class for a Walk ... Randomly

An important idea in statistics is that the amount of data matters. Often this is taught with formulas --- the standard error of the mean, the t-statistic, etc. --- in which the sample size appears in a denominator as √n. This is fine, so far as it goes, but it often fails to connect with a student's intuition. This webinar describes a kinesthetic learning activity --- literally a random...

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