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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Nonparametric Techniques

View Resource An Oral Contraceptive Drug Interaction Study

This article describes data from a drug interaction study of a new drug and a standard oral contraceptive therapy. Both normal theory and distribution-free statistical analyses are provided along with a notable amount of graphical insight into the dataset.
View Resource AniWiki

AniWiki is a gallery for statistical animations in several subjects such as probability, linear models, multivariate statistics, and nonparametric statistics. Most of the animations are created in the R environment.
View Resource Cartoon: The T-Test vs The Sign Test

A cartoon to teach about comparing parametric versus non-parametric inference. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on an idea from Lower Bounds on Statistical Humor by Alan H. Feiveson, Mark Eakin, and Richard Alldredge. Free to use in the classroom and on course web sites.
View Resource Friedman Test

This calculator computes Kendall's coefficient of concordance (W), Q (approximated by chi-square), degrees of freedom (DoF), and p-value for the Friedman Test. The user inputs a table of values with row and column titles, without total scores. Beginning a line with # excludes the line from the computation. The null hypothesis is that the distributions of ranks within rows are unrelated between...
View Resource Friedman Two Way Analysis of Variance by Ranks

This tutorial explains the theory and use of the Friedman Two Way ANOVA and demonstrates it with an example on exam scores, homework scores, and project scores. Data is given as well as SPSS and Minitab code.
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