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View Resource Binomial Probability Model

This resource defines and explains binomial probability, including examples and exercises for the learner.
View Resource Biometry: Statistics for Ecology Self-Test

This collection of self-tests provides immediate feedback, but not all questions are specific to ecology. Topics include SAS; Frequency Tabulations, Histograms and Barcharts; Descriptive Statistics; Levels of Measurement; Normality; Probability; Statistical Inference, Sampling Distributions and Confidence Limits; Hypothesis Testing; F-Tests, T-Tests and Related Comparisons; Single Factor ANOVA...
View Resource Bootstrapping

This lesson describes bootstrapping in the context of a statistics class for psychology students.
View Resource BUBL LINK: Statistics research

BUBL LINK provides free access to selected Internet resources covering all subject areas. This statistics research section includes links to journals, articles, data, and statistical associations.
View Resource Calculus Applied to Probability and Statistics

This online textbook applies calculus to probability and statistics in a business context. Chapters include 1.Continuous Random Variables and Histograms, 2. Probability Density Functions: Uniform, Exponential, Normal, and Beta, 3. Mean, Median, Variance and Standard Deviation, and 4. You're the Expert Creating a Family Trust. Each chapter also has exercises
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