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Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Categorical Methods

Statistical Topic Classifications
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View Resource An Illustration of Bootstrapping Using Video Lottery Terminal Data

The dataset described in this article contains information on 345 plays on an electronic slot machine and the prize for each. This data can be used to illustrate parametric bootstrapping and tests of independence for two and three-way contingency tables involving random zeroes. Key Words: Simulation; Elementary probabilities.
View Resource Analysis Of Categorical Dependent Variables With SAS And SPSS

This tutorial contains SAS and SPSS instructions for categorial analysis techniques such as logistic regression and probit regression including models for ordered or unordered multiple choices. Key Words: Multinomial Logistic Regression; Conditional Logistic Regression.
View Resource Chi-Square, Cramer's V, and Lambda for an RxC Contingency Table

This calculator performs the following for a contingency table up to 5x5: chi-square analysis; Cramer's V; two asymmetrical versions of lambda; the Goodman-Kruskal index of predictive association; other measures relevant to categorical prediction. Key Word: Categorical Analysis.
View Resource Contingency Table Calculator

This applet allows users to enter data into a contingency table up to 6x6. The calculator returns observed frequencies, expected frequencies, chi-square statistic, degrees of freedom, p-value, and trend. Key Words: Categorical Analysis; Chi-Square Analysis.
View Resource Contingency Table Calculator

This page introduces contigency tables with an example on fruit trees and fire blight. Two calculators are provided that allow users to enter their own contigency table and test for treatment effects. The first calculator performs Fisher's Exact Test on a 2x2 tables. The second performs a chi-square test on up to a 9x9 table.
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