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View Resource Career Records for All Modern Position Players Eligible for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

The dataset described in this article contains data on retired Major League Baseball players, eligible for the MLB Hall of Fame. The data can be used to illustrate descriptive statistical methods (numerical, graphical, and tabular) or inferential statistics (hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, etc.). The data is in .dat format.
View Resource CDC Data and Statistics

This page from the Centers for Disease Control website contains links to statistics about health and disease in the United States.
View Resource Chance Data Sets

This site contains data sets to help teach a Chance course and help students understand issues that may not be found in a standard statistics text. Topics covered include: mean, median, random walks, regression, correlation, and more.
View Resource Climate Data and Further Information

This page from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology provides data on weather conditions for the past week, the past month, and the past year. Users can also browse data by region.
View Resource Combination Therapy Bioequivalence Study

This dataset comes from a study of 16 healthy subjects randomly assigned to one of two treatment sequences in a two period crossover design. Treatments were from two different drug companies. Questions from this study refer to the similarities of the two treatments. A text file version of the data is found in the relation link.
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