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View Resource An Experiential Approach to Integrating ANOVA Concepts

This article presents a dataset based on an industrial case study using design of experiments. It can be used to discuss sample size, power, statistical significance, interaction terms, Type I and Type II errors, the role and importance of the error term, design of experiments, and analysis of variance.
View Resource An Illustration of Bootstrapping Using Video Lottery Terminal Data

The dataset described in this article contains information on 345 plays on an electronic slot machine and the prize for each. This data can be used to illustrate parametric bootstrapping and tests of independence for two and three-way contingency tables involving random zeroes. Key Words: Simulation; Elementary probabilities.
View Resource An Oral Contraceptive Drug Interaction Study

This article describes data from a drug interaction study of a new drug and a standard oral contraceptive therapy. Both normal theory and distribution-free statistical analyses are provided along with a notable amount of graphical insight into the dataset.
View Resource Bioequivalence Study

This dataset comes from a study on two treatment sequences (AB, BA) given to 14 healthy male volunteers randomly assigned to a two-period crossover design. Three pharmacokinetic variables were collected on the subjects at the end of each treatment period. Questions this study focused on refer to whether the treatments (A,B)are equivalent. A text file version of the data is found in the...
View Resource Bioequivalence Study II

This dataset comes from a study of 26 healthy male subjects randomly assigned to a two-period crossover design. Patients were given either Drug A or Drug B, and data on plasma levels were collected. Questions from this study refer the similarity of the drugs. A text file version of the data is found in the relation link.
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