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Teaching Methods

View Resource Use of R as a Toolbox for Mathematical Statistics Exploration

This site links to the article "Use of R as a Toolbox for Mathematical Statistics Exploration," to activities demonstrating the use of R programming language, and to the site where users can download R. Activities cover the following topics: calculation of a running variance, maximization of a non-linear function, resampling of a statistic, simple Bayesian modeling, sampling from multivariate...
View Resource Using Statistics Effectively in Mathematics Education Research

Funded by the National Science Foundation, workshops were held over a three-year period, each with about twenty participants nearly equally divided between mathematics educators and statisticians. In these exchanges the mathematics educators presented honest assessments of the status of mathematics education research (both its strengths and its weaknesses), and the statisticians provided...
View Resource Webinar: Planning the use of an online resource in the statistics class

Webinar presented by Roger Woodard of North Carolina State University and Ginger Rowell of Middle Tennessee State University and hosted by Jackie Miller of The Ohio State University on June 13, 2006. Many people would like to use online resources in their classrooms. However, the typical online applet does not have supporting materials that allow the teacher to introduce them into the classroom....
View Resource Webinar: Statistics Video Wrappers: Moving It Out of the Classroom with PreLabs

Many introductory Statistics courses consist of two main components: lecture sections and computer laboratory sections. In the computer labs, students often review fundamental course concepts, learn to analyze data using statistical software, and practice applying their knowledge to real world scenarios. Lab time could be better utilized if students arrived with 1) prior exposure to the core...
View Resource What Are The Odds?

This website provides lesson plans, activities, a problem bank, and links to references that meet NCTM standards for probability.
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