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Data Presentation -- Multivariate Categorical Relationships

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View Resource Do You Hear What I Hear?

This activity explores the dynamics of a sound wave produced by a string instrument using simulation. A simplified physical model highlights important scientific and mathematical features. The sound wave is controlled by two parameters: the amount of initial energy put into the string (initial displacement) and the amount of tension in the string. The animation of the string has been slowed down...
View Resource Explanatory Style and Athletic Performance

As described in the web page itself: "This document was prepared as an illustration of the use of both t tests and correlation/regression analysis in drawing conclusions from data in an actual study." The study compares athletic performance of swimmers that are optimists vs. pessimists.
View Resource Pricing the C's of Diamond Stones

This article describes a dataset containing information on 308 diamond stones, which is useful when studying concepts in multiple linear regression analysis. Key Words: Categorical variables; Data transformation; Standardized residuals.
View Resource The "Unusual Episode" Data Revisited

This article describes a dataset containing information on economic class of passengers and mortality rates from the sinking of the Titanic. The dataset can be used to foster statistical thinking by giving students the data and asking them to determine the source.

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