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Data Collection -- Measurements Properties and Issues

Statistical Topic Classifications
Variable Classification (8)
Variable Validity, Reliability, Bias (15)

View Resource **Levels of Measurement Game

This tool provides individuals with opportunities to quiz themselves on levels of measurement in a game-like environment much like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."
View Resource Count the Fs: Why a Sample instead of a Census?

This interactive lecture activity motivates the need for sampling. "Why sample, why not just take a census?" Under time pressure, students count the number of times the letter F appears in a paragraph. The activity demonstrates that a census, even when it is easy to take, may not give accurate information. Under the time pressure measurement errors are more frequently made in the census rather...
View Resource Do You Hear What I Hear?

This activity explores the dynamics of a sound wave produced by a string instrument using simulation. A simplified physical model highlights important scientific and mathematical features. The sound wave is controlled by two parameters: the amount of initial energy put into the string (initial displacement) and the amount of tension in the string. The animation of the string has been slowed down...
View Resource Elementary Concepts in Statistics

Gives an overview of variables, classifications, measurements, relations, and other basic statistical concepts. Also contains two animated graphs.
View Resource Illuminations: Data Analysis and Probability Lessons

This collection of lessons from NCTM's Illuminations site meet the Data Analysis and Probability Standard for grades 9-12.
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