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View Resource Statistics at Square One: Data Display and Summary

This site discusses types of data, stem and leaf plots, mean and median, histograms, and barcharts. Exercises are also provided, as well as their corresponding answers.
View Resource Statistics at Square One: Populations and Samples

This is part of an online textbook, which defines populations and samples, bias and randomization, variation between samples, standard error of the mean and of a proportion. Related exercises are included with answers.
View Resource Statistics at Square One: Mean and Standard Deviation

This site discusses the standard deviation of grouped and ungrouped data, data transformation, and the standard deviation between and within subjects. Exercises are provided as well as the answers.
View Resource Power for a One-Sample Z-Test Applet

This exercise illustrates the relationship between statistical power (the probability of rejecting a false null hypothesis) and four features of the test situation: the size of the difference between the actual mean and the hypothesized mean; variability of scores within groups; sample size; and alpha error. A dynamic applet allows the user to manipulate a factor and immediately see the effect on...
View Resource Power of a Hypothesis Test

This applet performs a hypothesis test for the mean of a single normal population, variance known. Users set the hypothesized mean, true mean, variance, and appropriate alternative hypothesis. The applet plots a representative distribution under the given values with power shaded in blue and significance level shaded in red. An article and an alternative source for this applet can be found at ...
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