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View Resource Statistical Calculators

This collection of statistical calculators allow users to input their own data to solve various problems or create graphs. Options include: Random Permutations; Two Sample Test; Correlation and Regression; Sample Size; Statistical Tables, Plots, and Random Numbers; Boxplot; Parallel Boxplot; Q-Q Plot; Histogram; RGB; Regression and GLM; Studentized Range; Statistics Online Computational...
View Resource Illuminations: Data Analysis and Probability Lessons

This collection of lessons from NCTM's Illuminations site meet the Data Analysis and Probability Standard for grades 9-12.
View Resource UCLA Statistics Datasets

This collection of datasets, posted by UCLA, is divided into 6 groups: Datasets for Teaching; Data from Books; Data from Consulting Projects; Data from National Statistics Agencies; Social Science Data Archives; Data from US Governmental Agencies. The data from books come from the following authors: Petruccelli, Nandram and Chen; Freedman, Pisani, and Purves; Andrews and Herzberg; Carlson and...
View Resource UCLA Statistics Case Studies

This collection of case studies includes the following topics: Stock Prices; Breast Cancer Research; Effect of Fitness Program; Water Use in Los Angeles; Oral Hygiene in the ICS-II project; Brinks vs NYC; Effect of Exercise on Heart Disease; National Assessment of Educational Progress; The London Underground; Suicides of Women and Men; Temperature in San Francisco; Lead Intake; Voting for Johnson...
View Resource History of Statistics

This site contains links to documents with information about the history of statistics and statisticians. Topics include the statisticians Bayes, Huygens, Carlyle, Laplace, Legendre, Pascal, Quetelet, de Witt, Simpson, some of their works, and more.
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