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View Resource Statiscope

This applet allows the user to input data for which the applet will list the sum, sample standard deviation, population standard deviation, the minimum, maximum, quartile 1, quartile 3, and the median. The user can choose to display the distribution, probability mass, density plot, box plot, stem and leaf plot , and a data listing.
View Resource Bootstrapping

This lesson describes bootstrapping in the context of a statistics class for psychology students.
View Resource Likelihood ratio slide rule

This site walks you through creating a likelihood ratio slide rule using their handout. The site also gives instructions on how to assemble it and use it.
View Resource The Regression Line and Correlation : Unit Overview

This Unit Plan includes 4 lessons covering Correlation and Regression. Students will use interactive computer-based tools to investigate the relationship between a set of data points and a curve used to fit the data points. Students will be ablt to investigate relationships between variables using linear, exponential, power, logarithmic, and other functions for curve fitting.
View Resource Least Squares Regression

This Unit Plan contains 9 lessons about interpreting the slope and y-intercept of least squares regression lines in the context of real-life data. The applet included allows students to plot the data and calculate the correlation coefficient and the equation of the regression line. Students will view the data in tabular, graphic, and algebraic form and will be able to discuss and display their...
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