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View Resource Linear Regression and Best Fit

This lesson introduces simple linear regression with several Excel spreadsheet examples such as temperature versus cricket chirps, height versus shoe size, and laziness versus amount of TV watched. These activities require class participation.
View Resource Statistics Formula Reviews

This page contains links to 5 review sheets with formulas, properties, definitions and rules for basic descriptive and inferential statistics and probability concepts. The review pages are in pdf format. Key Words: Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA, Descriptive Statistics, Regression, Correlation, Nonparametric Tests, Probability Distributions, Counting, Central Limit Theorem.
View Resource Data Archive

This collection of datasets from Princeton University each come with detailed descriptions of the data's history, how it was collected, and the data quality. Scroll down to "OPR Data Catalog Search" and either type your search terms into the search box or click "complete listings" to browse the archive. Data is available in text format.
View Resource Statz Rappers

This video features a group of students rapping about statistics.
View Resource Grades 9-12 Data Analysis and Probability

This site is a collection of activity lessons designed to meet NCTM standards for data analysis and probability. Topics include: Buffon's Needle, Regression, Expected Value, Correlation, Variance and Covariance, Probability, Significance, Chi-Square, and Descriptive Statistics.
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