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View Resource Teaching Statistics with Data of Historic Significance: Galileo's Gravity and Motion Experiments

This article describes Galileo's data on falling bodies and projectiles and its use as an aid in teaching polynomial and nonlinear regression. Key Words: Independent and dependent variables; Graphical analysis.
View Resource - Statistics made easy

BrightStat is a free online application for statistical analyses. Besides many non-parametric tests, BrightStat offers multiple linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA and repeated measurements ANOVA as well as Kaplan Meier Survival analysis. BrightStat has an easy to use GUI and supports the creation of mostly used scientifc graphs such as line-, bar-, scatter- and box-plots as well as...
View Resource Planetary Fact Sheet

This page contains information about the mass, mean temperature, length of day, rotation period, etc. for the planets of our solar system.
View Resource Against All Odds Index

This text document is a detailed index of the Against All Odds video series. This detailed index allows instructors to quickly find stories that can be used in the classroom. The author also includes the his ratings of which video segments are useful in the classroom. The actual videos are viewable online and are also indexed in CAUSEweb.
View Resource Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics: Short's Parallax of the Sun Data

This dataset includes fifty-three cases of James Short's measurements of the parallax of the sun (in seconds of a degree). The data is presented in both tab-separated format and WebStat 2.0.
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