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View Resource US Census Bureau: Census 2000 Datasets

Users can select from detailed tables and geographical comparison tables to generate data from the 2000 Census.
View Resource Is He Guilty?

This PowerPoint presentation evaluates type I errors in civil trials compared to criminal trials as well as provides an example of a hypothesis test and its components. The original presenation is available for download.
View Resource Nonrandom Risk: The 1970 Draft Lottery

This article presents a dataset containing the 1970 draft lottery information, which illustrates a nonrandom procedure. Key Words: Chi-square; Correlation; Exploratory data analysis; Graphical analysis; Randomness; Regression.
View Resource Multiple Comparisons

This exercise includes a discussion on comparing data with very different sample sizes and nonhomogeneity of variance. The data comes from a study on the behavior of pregnant women with regard to cigarette smoking.
View Resource Can a difference be important if it is not significant?

This short article discusses the difference between "important" and "statistically significant." The data used come from a study comparing male faculty salaries to female faculty salaries.
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