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View Resource Introduction to Modeling and Simulation

This undergraduate course in modeling and simulation provides lecture notes and assignments, including the famous "Let's Make a Deal," probability problem. Course topics include basic concepts of computer modeling in science and engineering using discrete particle systems and continuum fields, techniques and software for statistical sampling, simulation, data analysis and visualization, use of...
View Resource Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability

This course features a full set of lecture notes and problem sets introducing students to the modeling, quantification, and analysis of uncertainty. Topics covered include: formulation and solution in sample space, random variables, transform techniques, simple random processes and their probability distributions, Markov processes, limit theorems, and elements of statistical inference.
View Resource Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods

This course provides lecture notes, readings, and assignments on quantitative techniques of Operations Research with emphasis on applications in transportation systems analysis and in the planning and design of logistically oriented urban service systems, as well as a unified study of functions of random variables, geometrical probability, multi-server queuing theory, spatial location theory,...
View Resource Engineering Statistics Handbook

The goal of this handbook is to help scientists and engineers incorporate statistical methods in their work as efficiently as possible.
View Resource Process or Product Monitoring and Control (Engineering Statistics Handbook)

This chapter of the NIST Engineering Statistics handbook “presents techniques for monitoring and controlling processes and signaling when corrective actions are necessary.” It contains an introduction to process control, a discussion of acceptance sampling, introductions to control charts and time series modeling, tutorials for background information, and case studies.
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