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View Resource Statistical Inference

This undergraduate course in statistical inference features lecture notes, assignments, exams, and study materials. Course topics include probability, statistical inference, point and interval estimation, the maximum likelihood method, hypothesis testing, likelihood-ratio tests and Bayesian methods, nonparametric methods, analysis of variance, regression analysis, correlation, and Chi-square...
View Resource Against All Odds Index

This text document is a detailed index of the Against All Odds video series. This detailed index allows instructors to quickly find stories that can be used in the classroom. The author also includes the his ratings of which video segments are useful in the classroom. The actual videos are viewable online and are also indexed in CAUSEweb.
View Resource Star Library: Sampling Distributions of the Sample Mean and Sample Proportion

In these activities designed to introduce sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, students generate several small samples and note patterns in the distributions of the means and proportions that they themselves calculate from these samples. Outside of class, students generate samples of dice rolls and coin spins and draw random samples from small populations for which data is given...
View Resource Star Library: Random Rendezvous

This activity leads students to appreciate the usefulness of simulations for approximating probabilities. It also provides them with experience calculating probabilities based on geometric arguments and using the bivariate normal distribution. We have used it in courses in probability and mathematical statistics, as well as in an introductory statistics course at the post-calculus level. ...
View Resource Star Library: What Makes the Standard Deviation Larger or Smaller?

The activity is designed to help students develop a better intuitive understanding of what is meant by variability in statistics. Emphasis is placed on the standard deviation as a measure of variability. As they learn about the standard deviation, many students focus on the variability of bar heights in a histogram when asked to compare the variability of two distributions. For these students,...
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