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View Resource Virtual Manipulative: Box Plot

This is a Java Applet, which allows you to load your personal data and edit data. It provides interval and endpoint values and the option to view as a histogram.
View Resource Explorations for the Area Probability Applet

This website provides the URL of a Java applet and steps for using it. Here, students can manipulate the size of the circle and the rectangle to explore the probability that a point in the rectangle is also in the circle.
View Resource Probability, Genetics and the Human Condition

This is a three day lesson plan. The first day is an introduction to concepts in probability. The second day is an application of probability in the field of genetics. The third day is a time for students to expand their understanding of probability and genetics via short research project. The site includes resources, advice, and notes to the teacher. Probability topics include: law of...
View Resource **National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Scatterplot

This Java Applet of a scatterplot allows you to enter data, move data points, define the range of values, and view graph value information.
View Resource Reasonable Averages that give Wrong Answers

There is a source of error when using averages, which can be quite serious and often unrecognized. The source of error is illustrated in this article in a quality control problem, a project, an experiment and a game. A Taylor series expansion gives an insight into the nature of the error.
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