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View Resource Correlation, Determination, and Causality In Introductory Statistics

This article discusses teaching causality without being discipline specific. It explains the causal differences between description, prediction and explanation.

This paper presents rules for determining whether an index variable in such a table is part or whole depending on whether the associated margin value is an average, a sum or a 100% sum. Tables with missing margin values – date-indexed tables, half tables and control tables – are analyzed. Recommendations are made to improve reader understanding of any table involving rates or percentages.
View Resource Three Graphs to Promote Statistical Literacy

This paper presents three graphs that are used in teaching students majoring in business and the humanities. These graphs show the influence of confounding, the meaning of statistical significance, and the influence of confounding on statistical significance.
View Resource Statistical Literacy Curriculum Design

A specially-designed statistical literacy course is needed for college students in majors that don’t require statistics or mathematics. This paper suggests that key topics in conditional probability, multivariate regression and the vulnerability of statistical significance to confounding should be included and presents some new ways to teach these ideas.
View Resource Reading and Interpreting Tables and Graphs Involving Rates and Percentages

This survey assesses statistical literacy. The survey focuses on the general use of informal statistics in everyday situations: reading and interpreting tables and graphs involving rates and percentages.
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