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View Resource **Type I and Type II Errors - Making Mistakes in the Justice System

This webpage uses the criminal trials in the US Justice system to illustrate hypothesis testing, type I error, and type II error. An applet allows the user to examine the probability of type I errors and type II errors under various conditions. An applet allows users to visualize p-values and the power of a test. Keywords: type I error, type II error, type one error, type two error, type 1...
View Resource Likelihood ratio slide rule

This site walks you through creating a likelihood ratio slide rule using their handout. The site also gives instructions on how to assemble it and use it.
View Resource Bootstrapping

This lesson describes bootstrapping in the context of a statistics class for psychology students.
View Resource Multiple Comparisons

This exercise includes a discussion on comparing data with very different sample sizes and nonhomogeneity of variance. The data comes from a study on the behavior of pregnant women with regard to cigarette smoking.
View Resource Statistical Applets: Correlation and Regression

This applet is designed to help students see correlations in data and see how outliers can affect the correlation and least-squares line. Users can input their own data points and then try to fit a line to the data and see how the sum of squares changed. The user can then also see what the lest-square line is for that set of data.
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