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View Resource Estimation of Pi

This applet is designed to approximate the value of Pi. It accomplishes this purpose by firing random data points at a circle inscribed within a square. The probability of a data point landing within the circle is a ratio of the circle's area to the area of the square.
View Resource Least Squares & Data Fitting

Allows the user to select points on a grid, select the degree of the polynomial, and provides the resulting regression equation.
View Resource The Cliff-Hanger

An applet explores the following problem: A long day hiking through the Grand Canyon has discombobulated this tourist. Unsure of which way he is randomly stumbling, 1/3 of his steps are towards the edge of the cliff, while 2/3 of his steps are towards safety. From where he stands, one step forward will send him tumbling down. What is the probability that he can escape unharmed?
View Resource Linear Regression Applet

This applet allows a person to add up to 50 points onto its green viewing screen. After each point is added by clicking on the screen with the mouse, a red line will appear. This red line represents a line passing through (Average x, Average y) with a slope that can be altered by clicking the Left or Right buttons. The slope of this line may also be changed by dragging the mouse either right or...
View Resource Buffon's Needle: An Analysis and Simulation

Gives some background on the Buffon needle problem. Has a link to an applet that allows one to simulate dropping a needle1, 10, 100, or 1000 times. One also has control over the length of the needle.
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