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View Resource Analyzing and Drawing Conclusions from Bivariate Data

This Concept Map explores the aspects of bivariate data. It provides related vocabulary as well as an introduction to Fathom.
View Resource Statistics at Square One: Mean and Standard Deviation

This site discusses the standard deviation of grouped and ungrouped data, data transformation, and the standard deviation between and within subjects. Exercises are provided as well as the answers.
View Resource Statistics at Square One: Data Display and Summary

This site discusses types of data, stem and leaf plots, mean and median, histograms, and barcharts. Exercises are also provided, as well as their corresponding answers.
View Resource Regress+: A Compendium of Probability Distributions v2.3

This Compendium describes distributions appropriate for the modeling of random data. The number of distributions (56) is large, including: 1. Continuous distributions (30), (Symmetric (11) and Skewed (19)) 2. Continuous binary mixtures(17), 3. Discrete distributions (5), 4. Discrete binary mixtures (4), All formulas...
View Resource Attitudes Towards Statistics (ATS)

The 29-item attitudinal scale consists of two subscales: attitude toward the field of statistics (20 items) and attitude toward the course (9 items). Students are asked to respond to how they currently feel about a statement (i.e., “I feel that statistics will be useful to me in my profession”) using a 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) response scale.
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