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View Resource Random Marble Grabber

This java applet pulls a random marble from a bag, and calculates the Chi-Squared value. The Chi-Squared value can be used to determine if the marbles pulled from the bag are really randomly chosen by the computer. There is a link to a lesson that describes the Chi-squared test.
View Resource Mathematical Modeling for the Macintosh

Statistical modeling software designed for the Macintosh. Performs several operations and gives graphical output.
View Resource SalStat

SalStat is an small application for the statistical analysis of scientific data (with a special concentration on psychology). It can already do 18 kinds of descriptive statistics, t tests (paired, unpaired and one sample), 3 kinds of correlations linear regression and point biserial tests, and single factor ANOVA (both within and between subjects). Data are entered on an easy-to-use datagrid like...
View Resource DAP - Statistics and Graphics Package

Dap is a small statistics and graphics package based on C. Version 3.0 of Dap can read SBS programs. The user wishing to perform basic statistical analyses is now freed from learning and using C syntax for straightforward tasks, while retaining access to the C-style graphics and statistics features provided by the original implementation. Dap provides core methods of data management, analysis,...
View Resource Statist

[For advanced users only] Statist is a small and portable statistics program written in C. It is terminal-based, but can utilize GNUplot for plotting purposes. It is simple to use and can be run in scripts. Big datasets are handled reasonably well on small machines. In spite of its low overhead, statist can do quite a bunch of regression functions and tests in a comprehensible way. It is quite...
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