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View Resource The Statistics of Style

This article describes an exercise, Probability and Statistics, which develops a statistic that measures the variety of noun usage in order to distinguish two authors. The exercise emphasizes the use of frequency.
View Resource Do-It-Yourself Opinion-poll Sampling Experiments

This article describes a sampling experiments based on Opinion-poll type data as an alternative to coin-tossing experiments for social science students.
View Resource A Practical Study of the Capture/Recapture Method of Estimating Population Size

This article describes the process the of capturing and recapturing of mobile animals in order to estimate population size.
View Resource A Class Exercise Concerning the Distribution of Plants

This article describes how an Environmental Science class became involved in a study to confirm the hypothesis that weeds are distributed at random in well established lawns.
View Resource Animals in a Pond

This article explains the importance of combining biology and statistics together to lead to understanding of both. It suggests bringing pond life in to the classroom to illustrate a wide range of concepts and methods. Some of the concepts that can be studied using the classroom pond include descriptive statistics, sample size, sums of random variables, central limit theorem, hypothesis testing...
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