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View Resource Power of a Hypothesis Test

This applet performs a hypothesis test for the mean of a single normal population, variance known. Users set the hypothesized mean, true mean, variance, and appropriate alternative hypothesis. The applet plots a representative distribution under the given values with power shaded in blue and significance level shaded in red. An article and an alternative source for this applet can be found at ...
View Resource **Histogram Applet

This applet is designed to teach students how bin widths (or the number of bins) affect a histogram. A histogram of the time between Old Faithful eruptions is shown. Students can change the bin width by dragging the arrow underneath the bin width scale. The changes are observed in the structure of the histogram. An article and an alternate source for this applet can be found at http...
View Resource **Central Limit Theorem Applet

This applet demonstrates the central limit theorem using simulated dice-rolling experiments. This experiment is performed repeatedly and outcomes are recorded and plotted in the form of a histogram. An article describing this applet and an alternate source for the applet can be found at
View Resource Time-Axis Fallacy and Bayes Theorem

This site provides an outline of an activity for introducing Bayes' Theorem and conditional probability.
View Resource The Birthday Problem

This lesson is based on Lawrence Lesser's article that describes the set-up of the spreadsheet simulation and Cindia Stewart's lesson that seeks to answer the Birthday Problem using three different methods. Probability topics include: Sample Size, Law of Large Numbers, Complementary Probabilities, Independence of Events
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