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View Resource **Central Limit Theorem Applet

This applet demonstrates the central limit theorem using simulated dice-rolling experiments. This experiment is performed repeatedly and outcomes are recorded and plotted in the form of a histogram. An article describing this applet and an alternate source for the applet can be found at
View Resource Song: Means Will Follow You

A song describing how sample means will follow the normal curve regardless of how skewed the population histogram is, provided n is very large.
View Resource Poem: The Normal Law

"The Normal Law" is a poem whose words form the shape of the normal density. It was written by Australian-American chemist and statistician William John ("Jack") Youden (1900 - 1971). The poem was published in The American Statistician page 11 in v. 4 number 2 (1950).
View Resource Video: 500 Trials

A video to teach about the central limit theorem and various issues in one-sample hypothesis testing. The lyrics and video were created by Scott Crawford from the University of Wyoming. The music is from the 1988 song "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" by the Scottish band The Proclaimers. The video took second place in the video category of the 2013 CAUSE A-Mu-sing competition. Free for non-profit...
View Resource Sampling Distributions of the Sample Mean: A Fathom Project

During this simulation activity, students generate sampling distributions of the sample mean for n = 5 and n = 50 with Fathom 2 and use these distributions to confirm the Central Limit Theorem. Students sample from a large population of randomly selected pennies. Given that the variable of interest is the age of the pennies, which has a geometric distribution, this is a particularly convincing...
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