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View Resource Can a difference be important if it is not significant?

This short article discusses the difference between "important" and "statistically significant." The data used come from a study comparing male faculty salaries to female faculty salaries.
View Resource The Statistics of Hiring

This short article discusses how the comparative ratios of the tails of normal distributions can result in bias in hiring practices. It contains a link to an applet that shows the comparative tail probability ratios.
View Resource Normal Probability Calculation Demonstrations

The applets on this page, from "Seeing Statistics," demonstrate calculations related to the normal distribution. Users can calculate z-scores and probabilities under the curve and see the area they are calculating.
View Resource Bivariate Normal Model: A Classroom Project

This article describes a hands-on class activity for understanding the bivariate normal distribution by constructing a three-dimensional model.
View Resource Calculus Applied to Probability and Statistics

This online textbook applies calculus to probability and statistics in a business context. Chapters include 1.Continuous Random Variables and Histograms, 2. Probability Density Functions: Uniform, Exponential, Normal, and Beta, 3. Mean, Median, Variance and Standard Deviation, and 4. You're the Expert Creating a Family Trust. Each chapter also has exercises
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