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View Resource Statistical Tools: Binomial Calculator

This page calculates probabilities for a binomial distribution.
View Resource Communicating With Data

This course features slide shows for each lecture and exams with solutions to teach students how to be intelligent users of management science techniques. The fundamental concepts underlying the quantitative techniques are presented as a way of thinking, not just a way of calculating, in order to enhance decision-making skills. Exercises and examples are drawn from marketing, finance, operations...
View Resource DISCUSS: Discovering Important Statistical Concepts Using SpreadSheets

This collection of modules uses spreadsheets to teach statistical topics like Charts and Graphs, The Binomial Distribution, The Poisson Distribution, Sampling, Regression and Correlation, Buffon's Needle, Coupon Collecting, Critical Path Analysis, Sampling Methods, and Dice.
View Resource DISCUSS: The Binomial Distribution

This module introduces the Binomial distribution, explains its derivation, and uses Excel spreadsheets to show graphs, provide examples and exercises, and demonstrate the Normal approximation.
View Resource Poisson Distribution

This lesson on the Poisson distribution explains the theory, history, and applications of the distribution and gives examples and a multiple choice test.
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