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View Resource Webinar: Being Warren Buffett: a classroom simulation of financial risk

March 24, 2009 Activity webinar presented by Nicholas Horton, Smith College, and hosted by Leigh Slauson, Otterbein College. Students have a hard time making the connection between variance and risk. To convey the connection, Foster and Stine (Being Warren Buffett: A Classroom Simulation of Risk and Wealth when Investing in the Stock Market; The American Statistician, 2006, 60:53-60) developed a...
View Resource A Simple Dataset for Demonstrating Common Distributions

This dataset contains the time of birth, sex, and birth weight for 44 babies born in one 24-hour period at a hospital in Brisbane, Australia. The data can be used for studying some common distributions like the normal, binomial, geometric, Poisson, and exponential.
View Resource STAT 354 - Distribution Theory and Statistical Inference

This class web site contains the lecture notes for a course on distribution theory and statistical inference. Includes assignments and previous years' exams.
View Resource Statistics Online Computational Resources (SOCR)

This applets on this site include: interactive graphs of many distribution models; a collection of computer generated games; a collection of data modeling aids including curve fitting, wavelets, matrix manipulations, etc.; p-values, quantiles & tail-probabilities calculations; virtual online probability experiments and demonstrations; and a large collection of statistical techniques for online...
View Resource Java Applets for Visualization of Statistical Concepts

This collection of applets simulate many different statistical concepts such as: distributions, correlation, hypothesis testing, regression, and ANOVA.
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