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View Resource DAU StatRefresher: Basic Probability

This interactive tutorial on Basic Probability helps students understand the basic concepts of probability, define independent and compound events, use the basic properties of probability, understand the concept of conditional probability, and solve exercise problems using basic probability.
View Resource True-False Quizzes for "Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus (2nd Ed.)

This site contains 19 true/false quizzes that cover the topics like sets and counting, probability, random variables and statistics, Markov systems, and game theory. The computer automatically tallies the number of correct and incorrect responses.
View Resource Explorations for the Area Probability Applet

This website provides the URL of a Java applet and steps for using it. Here, students can manipulate the size of the circle and the rectangle to explore the probability that a point in the rectangle is also in the circle.
View Resource IDEAL Modules

The modules in this collection discuss numerous statistical topics with examples and Java applets. Topics covered: Variable Types; Calculations; Histograms; Moments; Quantiles; Probability Definitions, Laws, and Simulations; Binomial, Poisson, and Normal Distributions, Normal Approximation to the Binomial, Central Limit Theorem, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing, Control Charts,...
View Resource Excel Graphical Simulations for Statistics and Probability

This extensive collection of Excel simulations includes simulations related to flipping coins, tossing die, hypothesis tests, understanding different types of distributions (including sampling distributions), regression, and chi-square. There is even a simulation of the famous birthday problem.
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