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View Resource An Illustration of Bootstrapping Using Video Lottery Terminal Data

The dataset described in this article contains information on 345 plays on an electronic slot machine and the prize for each. This data can be used to illustrate parametric bootstrapping and tests of independence for two and three-way contingency tables involving random zeroes. Key Words: Simulation; Elementary probabilities.
View Resource Probability in a Primary School

This reference material provides various activities and tasks, which help elementary aged children understand the concepts of probability.
View Resource The Chance and Probability Concepts Project

This article describes an investigation of what concepts and intuitions concerning random processes are present in the minds of children of varying abilities across the 11-16 age range. The ability to list permutations, combinations and arrangements is also being investigated.
View Resource Explorations with Chance

In this lesson, students examine probabilities of outcomes. Cast in a gamelike context, reasoning about probability can be stimulated by questions of fairness. Students will predict and determine the fairness of games, then learn how to make an unfair game fair. They will organize and conduct an investigation, including empirical observations and theoretical analyses.
View Resource Racing Game with One Die

This applet allows the user to simulate a race where the results are based on the roll of a die. For each outcome of the die, the user chooses which player moves forward. Then that car moves forward the given number of spaces. Users can experiment with the race by determining which player will win more often based on the rules that they specify.
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