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View Resource Lecture and Lab Things

This page is a collection of examples, demonstrations, and exercises that can be used to motivate a lecture, demonstrate an important point, or create a laboratory exercise for students. Topics include the following: Descriptives, Normal Distribution, Sampling Distributions, Probability, Chi-Square, t tests, Power, Correlation/Regression, One-way Anova, Multiple Comparisons, Factorial Anova,...
View Resource Psychological Statistics

This site contains materials for a college level undergraduate statistics course. The approach places emphasis on practical application. Examples are shown with hand computations and with the Minitab statistical program (V13.1). There are a couple of spreadsheets as well. Topics include: Frequency Distributions, Graphing Techniques, Central Tendency, Variability, Relative Standing, Correlation ,...
View Resource A Visualization Tool for One and Two-Way Analysis of Variance Article

This is an article published in the Journal of Statistics Education describing the ANOVA Visualization Tool and how it can be used in class.
View Resource One-way Anova of PTSD Data

This page was written as instructions for a SAS lab assignment, but the example can be used with other programs. The study compares three treatments for rape victims against each other and a control group to see which treatment is most effective at reducing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms.
View Resource Pairwise Comparisons in SAS and SPSS

This site provides information for SAS or SPSS software users, who would like to use multiple comparison methods available in either software package to carry out pairwise comparisons. The site provides a short description of available methods and a recommendation based on the comparisons of the procedures. Some of the methods, namely step-down Holm-Bonferroni and Holm-Sidak, are not directly...
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