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View Resource An Oral Contraceptive Drug Interaction Study

This article describes data from a drug interaction study of a new drug and a standard oral contraceptive therapy. Both normal theory and distribution-free statistical analyses are provided along with a notable amount of graphical insight into the dataset.
View Resource Trying To Be Random in Selecting Numbers for Lotto

This article presents data for examining the ability of individuals to choose numbers randomly. Three datasets of six-tuples selected by a lottery game, generated by S-Plus, and chosen by college students can be compared using descriptive statistics and goodness of fit tests to explore bias and randomness. Key Words: Boxplots; Chi-squared tests; Minimum gap; QQ plots.
View Resource Nonrandom Risk: The 1970 Draft Lottery

This article presents a dataset containing the 1970 draft lottery information, which illustrates a nonrandom procedure. Key Words: Chi-square; Correlation; Exploratory data analysis; Graphical analysis; Randomness; Regression.
View Resource Statistics at Square One: The Chi-Squared Tests

Through example, this site discusses aspects of the chi-squared distribution and how it is carried out, demonstrated through formulas and calculations. It explains 2x2 tables and its relation to the p-value and increasing precision, testing for trend, and McNemar's test. Related exercises and answers are provided. This is part of an online textbook.
View Resource Mrs. Smart's AP Statistics Assignments

This site provides a set of daily activities with subjects including Chi Square Tests for Goodness of Fit, Chi Square Tests of Independence, and Hypothesis Tests Practice. To use the computer, rather than the physical game, a "Pass-the-Pig" game simulator can be found at
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