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View Resource Single Sample t-test

This tutorial on the One Sample t test includes its definition, assumptions, hypotheses, and results. An example using output from the WINKS software is given, but those without the software can still use the tutorial. An exercise is given at the end that can be done with any statistical software package.
View Resource Two Sample Tests

This lesson introduces two sample hypothesis testing for means and discusses the one-tailed and two-tailed t-tests.
View Resource Comparing Two Groups

This page discusses the procedures and applications of the two sample t test and the paired t test.
View Resource **Simulating Confidence Intervals

This applet generates confidence intervals for means or proportions. The options for confidence intervals for means include ?z with sigma,? ?z with s,? or ?t.? The options for confidence intervals for proportions are ?Wald,? ?Adjusted Wald,? or ?Score.? Users set the population parameters, sample size, number of intervals, and confidence level. Click "Sample," and the applet will graph the...
View Resource Index to Statistics Tutorials

This collection of tutorials covers many statistical applications such as Pearson's Correlation Coefficient, Simple Linear Regression, One and Two Sample t-tests, Paired t-test, One-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Mann-Whitney Test, Kruskal-Wallis Test, Friedman's Test, Interpreting p-values, Comparing two groups, Parametric and Nonparametric analyses, and Multiple Comparisons. The tutorials...
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