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View Resource **Power Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to teach students how power in a one-sample Z-test is influenced by effect size, variability (population standard deviation), sample size, and significance level. WISE Power Tutorial can be used in a variety of settings including as a tutorial for an individual student, during a lab, and after a lecture. The applet embedded in the tutorial could be used during an...
View Resource Quote: Acton on Power

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." is a famous quote of English historian Sir John Dalberg-Acton (1834 - 1902). Of course, Lord Acton was not referring to statistical hypothesis testing when he made the remark in an April 1887 letter to Mandell Creighton. However, the widespread knowledge of the quote by students makes it an interesting way to cover the idea...
View Resource Star Library: Simulating Size and Power Using a 10-Sided Die

This group activity illustrates the concepts of size and power of a test through simulation. Students simulate binomial data by repeatedly rolling a ten-sided die, and they use their simulated data to estimate the size of a binomial test. They carry out further simulations to estimate the power of the test. After pooling their data with that of other groups, they construct a power curve. A...
View Resource Star Library: What is the Significance of a Kiss?

This article describes an interactive activity illustrating general properties of hypothesis testing and hypothesis tests for proportions. Students generate, collect, and analyze data. Through simulation, students explore hypothesis testing concepts. Concepts illustrated are: interpretation of p-values, type I error rate, type II error rate, power, and the relationship between type I and type II...
View Resource What Statistical Power Means

This site defines what satistical power is. It inclues graphical representations of power to help the user visualize what happens to power when the sample size changes.
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