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View Resource Simulating Size and Power Using a 10-Sided Die

This group activity illustrates the concepts of size and power of a test through simulation. Students simulate binomial data by repeatedly rolling a ten-sided die, and they use their simulated data to estimate the size of a binomial test. They carry out further simulations to estimate the power of the test. After pooling their data with that of other groups, they construct a power curve. A...
View Resource Inference for Proportions Activity

This activity provides practice for constructing confidence intervals and performing hypothesis tests. In addition, it stresses interpretation of confidence intervals and comparison and application of results in context.
View Resource IDEAL: Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing

This example compares balance measurements in elderly people with those of young men through two-sample hypothesis testing for means. Two applets are provided; one for testing the assumptions beneath two-sample hypothesis tests, and one for calculating the test statistic and p-value.
View Resource IDEAL: Hypothesis Testing

This module introduces hypothesis testing with an example on breast cancer rates of Peurto Rican women. The applet provided allows users to manipulate power type, sigma, alpha, delta, and sample size. The Example link at the bottom of the page provides a more detailed discussion of power and instructions for the applet.
View Resource Statistical Tools: One Arm Nonparametric Survival

This page calculates either estimates of accrual or power for null and alternative survival functions based on the non-parametric estimate of the survival distribution. The program also gives large sample expected critical values for median survival or survival probabilities.
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