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View Resource Confidence Interval Simulation

This Java applet demonstrates confidence intervals for the mean. It allows the user to alter sample size, samples taken, intervals, and the option of standard error. The applet displays sample values, such as average, standard deviation, and percent covered.
View Resource Cartoon: The Pollsters

A cartoon to teach about the interpretation of confidence statements. The cartoon plays on the idea of what would happen if the same process was repeated over-and-over again. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on an idea from Dennis Pearl (The Ohio State University). Free to use in the classroom and on course web sites.
View Resource Confidence Interval Creation Applet

The interactive Confidence Interval Creation Applet allows instructors to demonstrate how sample size, alpha level, population shape, and variance affect confidence intervals.
View Resource Quote: Oakes on Confidence Intervals versus Tests

"The researcher armed with a confidence interval, but deprived of the false respectability of statistical significance, must work harder to convince himself and others of the importance of his findings. This can only be good." is a quote by British statistician Michael W. Oakes. The quote is found in his 1986 book "Statistical Inference: a Commentary for the Social and Behavioural Sciences"...
View Resource Confidence Interval Overlap Applet

Researchers and students alike often mistake any overlap among 95% confidence intervals to denote a statistically non-significant p value. However, confidence intervals can overlap and still correspond to a statistically significant p value for an independent sample t test. The confidence interval (CI) applet will help learners understand the relationship between confidence interval overlap and...
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