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View Resource **Inference for Means Activity

This activity enables students to learn about confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for a population mean. It focuses on the t-distribution, the assumptions for using it, and graphical displays. The activity also focuses on how to interpretations a confidence interval, a p-value, and a hypothesis test.
View Resource Sampling SIM: Simulation Software

This program allows the student to explore the nature of sampling distributions of sample means and sample proportions. The software provides separate windows for building population distributions, drawing and viewing random samples from the population, exploring the behavior of sampling distributions of sample means, and exploring the behavior of confidence intervals.
View Resource Lecture and Lab Things

This page is a collection of examples, demonstrations, and exercises that can be used to motivate a lecture, demonstrate an important point, or create a laboratory exercise for students. Topics include the following: Descriptives, Normal Distribution, Sampling Distributions, Probability, Chi-Square, t tests, Power, Correlation/Regression, One-way Anova, Multiple Comparisons, Factorial Anova,...
View Resource Simulations and Demonstrations

This is a collection of applets organized by subject of study and searchable. It contains applets for ANOVA, Binomial Distribution, Central Limit Theorem, Chi Square, Confidence Interval, Correlation, Central Tendency, Effect Size, Goodness of Fit, Histogram, Normal Distribution, Power, Regression, Repeated Measures, Restriction of Range, Sampling Distribution, Skew, t-test, and Transformations.
View Resource Standard Error of Sample Means

This page calculates the standard error of a sampling distribution of sample means when users input the mean and standard deviation of the population and the sample size.
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