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View Resource Quote: Canning on Proof

"I can prove anything by statistics except the truth" is a quote by British politician George Canning (1770 - 1827). The quote is found on page 587 of the 1908 book Dictionary of Thoughts edited by Tryon Edwards. The quote may be used to illustrate the idea that statistical inference is often geared toward demonstrating what is unlikely to be true rather than proving what is true.
View Resource Quote: Bigelow on Cause and Effect

"It is a common error to infer that things which are consecutive in the order of time have necessarily the relation of cause and effect." is a quote by American botanist and medical educator Jacob Bigelow (1787 - 1879). The quote appears on page 41 of his 1859 book Nature in Disease: illustrated in various discourses and essays.
View Resource Joke: Drawing conclusions from data

This joke can be used to motivate class discussions on the assumptions underlying drawing conclusions from data (especially the assumption of stationarity). The joke is a revision of a story in The Angel's Dictionary: A modern tribute to Ambrose Bierce by Edmund Volkart - also quoted in Statistically Speaking: A dictionary of Quotations by Carl Gaither and Alma Cavazos-Gaither (page 62). The...
View Resource Quote: Glantz on Medical Journal Statistics

"Approximately half the articles published in medical journals that use statistical methods use them incorrectly." A quote by American Cardiologist and anti-smoking crusader Stanton A. Glantz. The quote appeared as the first line of the abstract in the paper "Biostatistics: How to Detect, Correct and Prevent Errors in the Medical Literature" that appeared in Circulation page 1 of volume 61,...
View Resource - Statistics made easy

BrightStat is a free online application for statistical analyses. Besides many non-parametric tests, BrightStat offers multiple linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA and repeated measurements ANOVA as well as Kaplan Meier Survival analysis. BrightStat has an easy to use GUI and supports the creation of mostly used scientifc graphs such as line-, bar-, scatter- and box-plots as well as...
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