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View Resource Introduction to Simple Linear Regression

This page explains simple linear regression with an example on muscle strength versus lean body mass.
View Resource Understanding the Least-Squares Regression Line

This applet allows students to explore three methods for measuring "goodness of fit" of a linear model. Users can manipulate both the data and the regression line to see changes in the square error, the absolute error, and the shortest distance from the data point to the regression line.
View Resource Joke: Weighing Trees

A quick pun about the "log scale" by Bruce White
View Resource Linear Regression and Best Fit

This lesson introduces simple linear regression with several Excel spreadsheet examples such as temperature versus cricket chirps, height versus shoe size, and laziness versus amount of TV watched. These activities require class participation.
View Resource Multiple Linear Regressions Analysis

This online calculator allows users to enter 16 observations with up to 4 dependent variables and calculates the regression equation, the fitted values, R-Squared, the F-Statistic, mean, variance, first order serial-correlation, second order serial-correlation, the Durbin-Watson statistic, and the mean absolute errors. It also tests normality and gives the i-th residuals.
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