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View Resource Correlation, Determination, and Causality In Introductory Statistics

This article discusses teaching causality without being discipline specific. It explains the causal differences between description, prediction and explanation.
View Resource The Correlation Coefficient

This calculator computes the correlation coefficient (R) and p-value as well as the linear regression line for observation pairs (x,y) input by the user. The null hypothesis is that the pairs are uncorrelated.
View Resource **Guess the Correlation Applet

This applet generates a scatterplot each time the user clicks "New Sample". Users can then guess the correlation from the graph and see the actual value. By clicking "Edit data" users can input their own data. Users can also determine the number of points in the plot.
View Resource Pearson's Product-Moment Coefficient of Correlation

This tutorial explains the theory and use of Pearson's Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation and demonstrates it with an example on GPA and test scores. Data is given as well as SPSS and Minitab code.
View Resource *Influence of Outliers on Correlation

This activity begins with an instructor demonstration followed by a student out-of-class assignment. Students will observe their instructor create a scatterplot and observe how the correlation coefficient changes when outlier points are added. Students are then given a follow up assignment, which guides them through the applet. In addition, the assignment provides insight about outliers and their...
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