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View Resource Standard Errors

This table gives the sample statistic, population parameter, population standard error, and sample standard error functions for mean, proportion, difference between means, and difference between proportions.
View Resource Descriptive Statistics, Measures of Central Tendency, and Dispersion

This tutorial describes various measures of central tendency, their theory and use, and demonstrates them with an example on final exam scores. Data is given as well as SPSS and Minitab code. Key Words: Mean; Median; Mode; Variance; Standard Deviation.
View Resource Introduction to Descriptive Statistics

This tutorial introduces mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation using sports statistics from the Internet and class-generated statistics. Students should understand stem-and-leaf plots before using this tutorial. This material is intended for class use. Excel spreadsheets with sample data are also available for download. The relation links to a letter for teachers.
View Resource Mean and Variance of Random Variables

This site gives an explanation, a definition and an example of mean and variance of random variables. Definitions and properties are also included.
View Resource Virtual Statistician

This site contains lessons which include steps, examples, and a calculator, on standard deviation, Pearson's r, t-test, one-way ANOVA, and Tukey's Post Hoc Test.
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