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View Resource **Hypothesis Test For a Population Proportion Using the Method of Rejection Regions

The purpose of this applet is to provide students with guided practice through problems on hypothesis testing for a population proportion using the method of rejection regions.
View Resource Simpson's Paradox: An Example From a Longitudinal Study in South Africa

The dataset presented in this article comes from a South African study of growth of children. This data is a useful example of Simpson's paradox. Key Words: Categorical data; Comparing proportions.
View Resource Statistics at Square One: Differences Between Percentages and Paired Alternatives

This topic from an online textbook discusses standard error, confidence interval, and significance testing for a difference in percentages or proportions. It also covers paired alternatives and standard error of a total. Exercises and answers are also provided.
View Resource Who is Buying iMacs?

This case study covers the following concepts: confidence intervals for proportions and the normal approximation to the binomial. It also assesses the question: "What proportion of the iMac purchasers are new computer owners?"
View Resource Against All Odds: 23. Inference for Proportions

This free online video program "marks a transition in the series: from a focus on inference about the mean of a population to exploring inferences about a different kind of parameter, the proportion or percent of a population that has a certain characteristic. Students will observe the use of confidence intervals and tests for comparing proportions applied in government estimates of unemployment...
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