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View Resource Quote: Blackwell on Graphical Displays

"I love pictures. Formulas and symbols - I don't especially like them." is a quote by American probabilist and Bayesian statistical theoretician David Blackwell (1919 - 2010). The quote may be found in the the book Mathematical People: Profiles and Interviews edited by D.J. Albers & G.L. Alexanderson (Birkhauser, 1985).
View Resource - Statistics made easy

BrightStat is a free online application for statistical analyses. Besides many non-parametric tests, BrightStat offers multiple linear regression, logistic regression, ANOVA and repeated measurements ANOVA as well as Kaplan Meier Survival analysis. BrightStat has an easy to use GUI and supports the creation of mostly used scientifc graphs such as line-, bar-, scatter- and box-plots as well as...
View Resource Cartoon: Raw Data

A cartoon to teach about efforts to improve data quality or about summarizing raw data using appropriate statistics and graphics. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on an idea from Dennis Pearl (The Ohio State University). Free to use in the classroom and on course web sites.
View Resource Quote: Babbage on Data

"The errors which arise from the absence of facts are far more numerous and more durable than those which result from unsound reasoning respecting true data." is a quote by English Mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage (1791 - 1871). The quote is found on page 119 of his book On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures (1832)
View Resource STATS Issue 44 Fall 2005

This issue contains articles about statistics in sports, including batting average, using scatterplots to predict the winners of long-distance races, regression analysis and the NFL, determining the greatest cyclist ever, simulation in public opinion polls, and determining the “best” athletes for cycling and baseball.
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