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View Resource Cartoon: Falling Asleep

A cartoon to teach about the value of random sampling to control bias and provide the underpinning for inference. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on an idea from Dennis Pearl (The Ohio State University). Free to use in the classroom and on course web sites.
View Resource Against All Odds: 14. Samples and Surveys

This free online video program "shows how to improve the accuracy of a survey by using stratified random sampling and how to avoid sampling errors such as bias. While surveys are becoming increasingly important tools in shaping public policy, a 1936 Gallup poll provides a striking illustration of the perils of undercoverage." This individual video is accessed by scrolling down to the "Individual...
View Resource Myth and Reality in Reporting Sampling Error

This article gives a description of typical sources of error in public opinion polls. It gives a short but insightful explanation of what the margin of error indicates as well as other common errors in opinion polls.
View Resource M and M Applet

Students can sample numerous bags of M&Ms. A plot of the relative frequency of each color is continually updated above the sampling frame. Each sample bag of M&Ms contains 56 candies.
View Resource Probability Sampling

This site describes in detail 5 different types of random sampling, giving examples, definitions, and procedures.
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