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View Resource Webinar: This Little Piggy Teaches Probability

November 23, 2010 Activity Webinar presented by Stacey Hancock, Reed College, Jennifer Noll, Portland State University, Sean Simpson, Westchester Community College, and Aaron Weinberg, Ithaca College, and hosted by Leigh Slauson, Capital University. Extra materials available for download free of charge. Many instructors ask students to demonstrate the frequentist notion of probability using a...
View Resource Statistics Applets

This is an extensive collection (and a continuously expanding collection) of applets on topics that include probability, descriptive statistics, sampling distributions, Monte Carlo simulation, Buffon's coin problem, chi-square, p-values, correlation, and more. There is even a random number generator that is part of the collection.
View Resource StatKey

StatKey is the analysis package to accompany the textbook "Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data." StatKey includes interactive applets to describe and graph data, engage in bootstrapping and randomization tests, and explore sampling distributions and theoretical distributions.
View Resource Law of Averages applet

This applet uses simulations with a coin and a die to illustrate the law of averages.
View Resource Stat-Attic Statistics Applets for Teaching Topics in Introductory Courses

This site contains links to and descriptions of over 600 applets that can be used for demonstrations or analysis of topics commonly covered in introductory statistics courses.
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