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View Resource An Alternative Approach to the Mean

This article describes an alternate calculation of expected value, which illustrates continuous random variables.
View Resource Expected Value and Coincidences

This PowerPoint presentation introduces expected values and coincidences of random numbers. The original presentation is available for download.
View Resource DAU StatRefresher: Random Variables

This tutorial on Random Variables helps students understand the definition of random variables, recognize and use discrete random variables, recognize and use continuous random variables, and solve exercise problems using random variables.
View Resource Against All Odds: 16. Random Variables

This free online video program, "demonstrates how to determine the probability of any number of independent events, incorporating many of the same concepts used in previous programs. An interview with a statistician who helped to investigate the space shuttle accident shows how probability can be used to estimate the reliability of equipment." This individual video is accessed by scrolling down...
View Resource Buffon's Needle

This is a "Building Block" for the Buffon Needle problem. The source code and compile code are included as well as separate files for each. Users able to test the applet to determine if it meets their needs.
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