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View Resource Student's T

This resource explains the t-distribution and hypothesis testing (informally) using an example on laptop quality.
View Resource Two-way Tables

This PowerPoint presentation is an introduction to two-way tables and various related probabilites. The original presentation is available for download.
View Resource Star Library: An Unusual Episode

This article describes an activity that illustrates contingency table (two-way table) analysis. Students use contingency tables to analyze the ?unusual episode? (the sinking of the ocean liner Titanic)data (from Dawson 1995) and attempt to use their analysis to deduce the origin of the data. The activity is appropriate for use in an introductory college statistics course or in a high school AP ...
View Resource Against All Odds: 11. The Question of Causation

In this free online video program, students will learn that "causation is only one of many possible explanations for an observed association. This program defines the concepts of common response and confounding, explains the use of two-way tables of percents to calculate marginal distribution, uses a segmented bar to show how to visually compare sets of conditional distributions, and presents a...
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